Jillian Medoff  
Jillian Medoff


Hunger Point Trade Paperback Book Jacket
Twenty-six-year-old Frannie Hunter has just moved back home. Bright, wry, blunt, and irreverent, she invites you to witness her family's unraveling. By turns wickedly funny and heartbreakingly bittersweet, Hunger Point chronicles Frannie's triumph over her own self-destructive tendencies and offers a powerful exploration of the complex relationships that bind a contemporary American family. You will never forget Frannie, a "sultry, suburban Holden Caulfield," whom critics have called "the most fully realized character to come along in years," and you'll never forget Hunger Point, an utterly original novel that stuns with its amazing insights and dazzles with its fresh, distinctive voice.

A bestselling novel in the United States, Hunger Point is also available in Spanish, Hebrew, and French.

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